Englische Bücher in der Privatbibliothek


Englische Bücher in der Privatbibliothek (115/115) 01.01.2017

  1. Aaronovitch, Ben: Broken Homes
  2. Aaronovitch, Ben: Foxglove-Summer
  3. Aaronovitch, Ben: Moon over Soho
  4. Aaronovitch, Ben: The Rivers of London
  5. Aaronovitch, Ben: Whispers under Ground
  6. Ahern, Cecelia: The book of tomorrow
  7. Archer, Jeffrey: Be careful what you wish for
  8. Archer, Jeffrey: Best Kept Secret
  9. Archer, Jeffrey: Cometh the hour
  10. Archer, Jeffrey: Mightier than the sword
  11. Archer, Jeffrey: Only time will tell
  12. Archer, Jeffrey: The Sins of the Fathers
  13. Atkins, Dani: The Story of us
  14. Atkinson, Kate: A God in Ruins
  15. Atkinson, Kate: Life after Life
  16. Atwood, Margaret: Hag-Seed
  17. Boyd, William: Any human heart
  18. Boyd, William: Sweet Caress
  19. Canavan, Trudi: The Magicians Guild
  20. Carroll, Lewis: Through a Looking-Glass
  21. Catton, Eleanor: The Luminaries
  22. Cass, Kiera: The Heir (Selection #4)
  23. Chase, Eve: Black Rabbit Hall
  24. Clare, Cassandra: City of Bones. Mortal Instruments I
  25. Cline, Emma: The Girls
  26. Dexter, Colin: Inspector Morse
  27. Doerr, Anthony: All the lights we cannot see
  28. Extence, Gavin: The universe versus Alex Woods
  29. Feldman, Deborah: Unorthodox
  30. Ford, Richard: Let me be Frank with you
  31. Fowler, Karen Joy: We are all completely besides ourselves
  32. Galbraith, Robert: Career of Evil (Strike #3)
  33. Galbraith, Robert: The cuckoo’s calling (Strike #1)
  34. Galbraith, Robert: The Silkworm (Strike #2)
  35. Gerritsen, Tess: Playing with Fire
  36. Grey, Anthony: Saigon
  37. Haig, Matt: Reasons to stay alive
  38. Hannah, Kristin: The Nightingale
  39. Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia: Goodbye, Piccadilly (War at home #1)
  40. Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia: Keep the home fires burning (War at home #2)
  41. Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia: The Founding (Morland #1)
  42. Harvey, Jonathan: The girl who just appeared
  43. Hill, Susan: Howards End is on the landing
  44. Holmberg, Charlie N.: The Glass Magician (Paper Magician #2)
  45. Holmberg, Charlie N.: The Master Magician (Paper Magician #3)
  46. Holmberg, Charlie N.: The Paper Magician (Paper Magician #1)
  47. Jacobson, Howard: Shylock is my name
  48. Kang, Han: The Vegetarian
  49. Kidd, Sue Monk: The Invention of Wings
  50. Kidd, Sue Monk: The Secret Lifes of Bees
  51. King, Stephen: End of Watch (Mr. Mercedes #3)
  52. King, Stephen: Finders Keepers (Mr. Mercedes #2)
  53. King, Stephen: It
  54. King, Stephen: Mr. Mercedes (Mr. Mercedes #1)
  55. Lawrence-Young, D.: Anne of Cleves. Henrys luckiest wife
  56. Lee, Harper: Go set a watchman
  57. Lee, Harper: To kill a mockingbird
  58. Levine, Laura: A pen for hire
  59. Levine, Laura: Death by a neighborhood witch
  60. Levine, Laura: Deathy by pantyhose
  61. Levine, Laura: Death of a trophy wife
  62. Levine, Laura: Killer Cruise
  63. Levine, Laura: Killing Bridezilla
  64. Levine, Laura: Pampered to Death
  65. Levine, Laura: The PMS Murder
  66. Lockhart, E.: We were Liars
  67. Macdonald, Helen: H is for hawk
  68. Mantel, Hilary: Every day is Mother’s Day
  69. Mantel, Hilary: The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher
  70. Martin, George R.R.: A Song from Ice and Fire. A game of thrones
  71. Maupin, Armistead: The days of Anna Madrigal
  72. McPartlin, Anna: The last days of Rabbit Hayes
  73. Montgomery, Lucy Maud: Anne in Rainbow Valley
  74. Morpurgo, Michael: War Horse
  75. Mortimer, Ian: Human Race
  76. Mortimer, Ian: The Time Traveller’s Guide to Elizabethan England
  77. Mortimer, Ian: The Time Traveller’s Guide to Medieval England
  78. Moyes, Jojo: The Last Letter from your lover
  79. Moyes, Jojo: The ship of brides
  80. Nettles, John: Jewels and Jackboots
  81. North, Claire: The first fifteen lives of Harry August
  82. Oliver, Lauren: Before I fall
  83. Oliver, Lauren: Delirium
  84. Oliver, Lauren: Pandemonium
  85. Oliver, Lauren: Requiem
  86. Orwell, George: Animal Farm
  87. Perkins, Stephanie: Anna and the French Kiss (Love and Cities #1)
  88. Perkins, Stephanie: Isla and the happily ever after (Love and Cities #3)
  89. Perkins, Stephanie: Lola and the boy next door (Love and Cities #2)
  90. Roth, Philip: The plot against america
  91. Roth, Veronica: Allegiant
  92. Roth, Veronica: Divergent
  93. Roth, Veronica: Insurgent
  94. Rutherfurd, Edward: London
  95. Rutherfurd, Edward: New York
  96. Rutherfurd, Edward: Paris
  97. Rutherfurd, Edward: The Forest
  98. Sage, Angie: Septimus Heap. Magyk.
  99. Simsion, Graeme: The Rosie-Effect
  100. Simsion, Graeme: The Rosie-Project
  101. Slaughter, Karin: Cop Town
  102. Slaughter, Karin: Pretty Girls
  103. Smollett, Tobias: The Expedition of Humphrey Clinker
  104. Stolzenburg, Silvia: Daughters of Venice
  105. Taylor, C.L.: The Accident
  106. Taylor, C.L.: The Lie
  107. Taylor, C.L.: The Missing
  108. Tsukiyama, Gail: The Streets of Thousand Blossoms
  109. Thomas, Jo: The Oyster Catcher
  110. Tyler, Anne: A spool of blue thread
  111. Tyler, Anne: Vinegar Girl
  112. Ursu, Anne: Breadcrumbs
  113. Winterson, Jeanette: The Gap of time
  114. Yousafzai, Malala: Malala. The girl who stood up for education and changed the world
  115. Zander, Joakim: The Brother


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